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Eon Lite Abridged

An advanced alien race has invaded most of humanity's outer colonies, and have started to advance on the inner ones. With many of their resources coming from the outer planets, humanity is facing an extinction level event. With their entire existence on the line, the caption of The Eon Lite, an advanced frigate containing a massive fleethas been tasked with the reclamation of these colonies.

You play as the commander of The Eon Lite, commanding the fleet through your command center. Your goal is to rid any enemy forces from their controlled planets, reclaiming them. However, if you deem that a planet is not worth saving, you have been given permission to destroy that planet with your M15.AKA.RAILGUN, leaving no survivors. 


Mustafa Kirgul

Jared Moeller

Tyler Tam


Eon Lite Abridged Windows Build 27 MB

Install instructions

1. Download the file provided.

2. Unzip the file using an appropriate application (7zip, winzip, etc.)

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